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Thank you for your interest in the New Jersey Folk Festival. We have been highlighting traditional music, dance and culture since our inception in 1975.

Please note that we only book performances from groups or individuals whose music and dance match our core mission. We have limited time slots in which we offer traditional music and ethnic music. Please note that acoustic music does not directly equate to traditional music. We also present singer-songwriter acts but only in a limited capacity (Singer-Songwriter Showcase).

Foreign Performers
Although you may fit within our core mission and values to present aspects of your culture, please note that we are constrained by time and budget to finance and coordinate your journey from outside the United States to perform at our Festival in New Jersey. However, if our Festival coincides with a tour you already have planned and for which valid visas are secured, then please contact us.

Please note that all performers for the coming Festival are already booked by January — at least four months in advance. The submission period for the next festival begins July 1st. Please send all performance inquiries to our Music Director:

Thanks again for your interest in the New Jersey Folk Festival and we hope to see you on Festival Day in April!

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  1. Hello!

    I am a native New Jersey-an and lifelong folk singer and songwriter. I have performed professionally for many years, and just this year was selected to perform at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. I am very interested in performing at the New Jersey Folk Festival. Can you please advise how I may apply to be considered?

    Thanks so much,
    Katherine Rondeau

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