Sponsors 1995

The New Jersey Folk Festival would like to gratefully acknowledge our Major Sponsors and our many Friends of the Festival


Our heartfelt thanks to the following who have made substantial financial commitments to the 1995 Festival:
Voorhees Assembly Board
Livingston College Governing Association
Cook College Finance Board
Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes
Henderson Campus Council
Jameson Campus Council
Gibbons Campus Council
Lippincott Campus Council
Gibbons Campus Council
Martin Guitar Company in Nazareth, PA
Douglass College Governing Association
Douglass College Finance Board
Rutgers Center for Latino Arts & Culture


These special people have gone out of their way to lend a helping hand to make the 1995 Festival a success:

Agnes Allen
Bernice Charwin
John Sheridan
Michael A. Rockland
Rowena Gillespie
Guillermo J. Beytagh-Maldonado
Blanquita B. Valenti
Richard Sandler
Robert Yahn
Isabel Nazario
Pablo M. Martinez
Anna Aschkenes
Jack Shortlidge
Ann K. Stehney
Amy Melvin Vames
Laurie A. Salvemini
Alvin H. Schneider
Bob Zmitrovis
Carol Greenberg
Joseph Harrigan
Rebecca Reynolds
Charles Thatcher
Water Lester
Martha Cotter
Elma R. Lockhart
Ramonita Santiago-Golojuch
Janice M. Meehan
Susan Kittredge
Doug Frank
Margaret Klawunn
Jennifer Katinsky
Richard Skelly


We wish to especially thank the following who have rendered unique services to the Festival in its publicity, representation, facilities and administration:

Millstone Valley Fire Department
Tastee Sub Shop
Targum Productions
Rutgers Ham Radio Club


To all our volunteers, you have our deepest thanks.
We couldn’t do it without you.

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